Monday, November 23, 2009

Section 7

Our story so far:

Aaron Damerson is a rogue on a mission. After discovering the alien he was hired to kill was actually an upstanding citizen and likely the only good person left on the entire planet of Aurorus-4. Aaron then stood up to his old friend Thenar, deciding to protect the man he was supposed to kill. Now, they are on the run from a number of hitmen hired to kill them both.

The story continues…

“Out of bullets?” Porten whispered in a close approximation of yelling. Millena poked her head up from behind the crates they were hiding behind and took another look at the two aliens guarding the spaceship.

“Yes,” Aaron replied. “I hadn’t thought this whole thing through when I was running to save your life. Only brought the one gun. You wouldn’t happen to be armed would you?”

“No, I’ve got nothing.”

“Then we’ll just have to improvise,” Aaron said, starting to look around. The area around them was entirely clear, except for the crates. The floor was almost sterile. “What’s in these crates?”

“At the moment? Nothing. Got cleared out earlier today.”

“Then I got an idea.” Aaron carefully pulled the lid off one of the crates, climbing inside as quickly as he could. “Get in.”

“What?” Porten said, almost too loudly. Both Mileena and Aaron shushed him.

“I get it, Aaron,” Mileena said, helping her father into the next crate. “Just leave it to me.” She loaded the crates onto a cart, a difficult task to say the least, and wheeled them over to the ship’s entrance. Aaron could hardly hear the verbal transaction that occurred, but could tell Mileena was using all her womanly charms on the guards. A few moments later, he felt the boxes moving again, this time up the ramp into the ship itself. Mileena opened the boxes again and smiled.

“There you are,” she beamed at Aaron. “Not even battle hardened mammalian scum like you can withstand the wiles of a beautiful woman.”

“What did you tell them?”

Mileena shined her nails on her shirt as she replied, “Just that I needed to get these supplies to one of our warehouses and that if the ship was gone, they might have more time to go look for the two of you themselves.”

“Oh, my brilliant girl!” Porten cried, almost crushing her to death in his embrace.

Aaron scowled a little. “Not out of the woods yet.”

“Of course, of course,” Porten said, sitting down at the pilot’s console. He pressed a series of buttons and the ship began to hum to life. “There we are, up and running.”

“Good. Now file a nice big number of flight plans all over the system. We’re headed to the asteroid belt, but best to not let them catch on too quickly.”

“A solid plan,” Porten replied as he set to work on the keypads. Within moments, the ship was clear of the planet and there was no evidence of pursuit. Aaron’s ship, guided by ANDI, pulled up next to them and matched speed. “That was almost too easy.”

“Yes,” replied a voice over the communication system, “too easy indeed.”

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