Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Aurorus System

The system of planets surrounding the star Aurorus is primarily inhabited by a race of sentient hominids referred to as “Aurorusians”. At full maturity, a normal Aurorusian male will grow to approximately 6 feet tall and weigh approximately 180 pounds. Skin pigmentation is generally a darker shade of green, though residents of some climates tend to have either bluer or more yellow pigmentation. The blood that runs through an Aurorusian’s veins is actually blue due to the amount of carbon dioxide being carried. Aurorusian cells function primarily on the carbon garnered from the gas, exhaling oxygen.

Aurorusian society is built upon a series of eight, primarily because the Aurorusian hand has only four fingers. Government buildings generally have eight sides, as do most forms of currency throughout the system. The number eight is very important in this culture, much as the number ten is in human culture.

Aurorus Prime, the seemingly ironic second planet out from the star, was the jumping off point for the species. The planet is still the most profitable and hospitable of the planets, and the only one not dependent on the resource known as “Spice”, due to its climate and natural resources.

Aurorus-2 is actually a very large moon orbiting Aurorus Prime. It is the primary home of the large number of dignitaries that are part of the Sector Senate, which is located on the moon.

Aurorus-3 is sparsely habitable, most of its resources being shipped to Aurorus-2 during a period of global turmoil. The small numbers of people that remain on the planet are generally laborers and environmental activists, trying to make the world more habitable.

Aurorus-4 was colonized late in the 32nd century by Earth reckoning. The civilization was designed to make the best use of its land masses. Throughout the planets deserts and ice wastes, cities cropped up, every inch of the arable land used for growing crops. The only problem was that no one wanted to live in the extreme heat or cold of the cities. Revolts occurred and the entire planet was in constant turmoil, an ample breeding ground for low-life degenerates and worse

An asteroid belt, generally called the “Spice Belt” by Aurorusians, floats beyond Aurorus-4. One rather large asteroid, dubbed “Surorua” by its discoverer, is the final habitable body in the system. Many of the asteroids in the area consist primarily of frozen carbon dioxide, or “Spice”. The labor in these mines is cold and difficult, usually delegated to indentured labor or slaves.

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