Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Section 6

Our story so far:

Aaron Damerson is a rogue of sorts, who was, for a time, employed by an alien named Thenar. When he discovered that he was hired to kill an upstanding alien named Porten, he rebelled and went to protect the man he was supposed to kill.

The story continues...

Aaron shot a look to Porten, then over to the woman. "What's your part in all this?"

The woman's response was almost scandalous. "I am Mileena Ve'Tan, Porten's daughter."

Aaron turned, abashed. "My apologies, miss. I just assumed..."

"That I would be dead or only a few years old?" Mileena fumed. "That story my father tells so often is over fifteen years old. This is an old feud."

"Again, I'm sorry," Aaron said, motioning for the woman to sit back down. "But what are we going to do about our slightly more current situation?"

"Well, I have a panic room..." Porten said, pointing to a wall near the back of the chamber.

"Got enough food to live there for the rest of your natural life?"

"Honestly, no."

"Well, then, that's not really a choice now is it?"

"Daddy," Mileena said, touching her father on the arm, "what about your holdings in the Spice Belt?"

A wide smile crossed Porten's face. "Oh, my beautiful girl! You're right! Safest place in the galaxy right now."

"The Spice Belt?" Aaron asked. "Isn't that a little dangerous? I hear the accident rates there are off the charts."

"Only if you're mining, sir. I've got a little asteroid all to myself. Plenty of weapons and supplies to last us until the whole of Aurorus has been emptied to kill us all."

"Then that's where we're going. And soon, someone is probably going to be taking Thenar up on his offer."

As Aaron spoke, the door at the end of the chamber burst open, the door reduced to splinters that flew across the room. In the wreckage of the door, holding a still-smoking weapon, was an insectoid alien, smoking a rather large cigar.

"Now where do you think you're going?" he called in as close an approximation to Galactic Basic as he could utter. A lot of clicks and growls were thrown in as he struggled with the words.

"Run!" cried Aaron, pulling Mileena along behind him. With his other hand, he pulled out his gun and fired, the assassin scrambling off to find cover. "Where's your ship?"

"In the hangar! Next building over!"

Aaron had to fall to the floor to dodge the next salvo of fire, but continued to move forward, firing the whole way. He pulled out his communicator, screaming into it, "ANDI! Take off! We're running."

The computerized voice sounded a little worse for wear. "As always."

"Where are you off to, Dam?" the clicking voice called out.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" replied Aaron, firing another few shots at the alien's location. All three continued to run to the hangar, where the Porten's ship, a graceful cruiser that looked almost new, sat. And there, standing guard at the hatch were two more aliens, both brandishing their weapons. Aaron motioned for them to take cover behind some boxes.

"What's next, Dam, is it?" Porten said, breathing heavily.

"Beats me," Aaron replied, "I'm fresh out of bullets."

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  1. Since this is an "old feud" it is unlikely that Porten doesn't already have a plan. Maybe there should be a little misdirection. Maybe Porten and Thenar are actually brothers and Mileena is actually Thenar's daughter and she recently found out... She is actually working to have Porten killed to gain control of his fortune and then turns around to do the same to Thenar. Aaron finds out, and joins up with Mileena, marries her and then ANDI gets jealous. LOL.

    Have ANDI move the ship to another location on the other side of the estate where Aaron and his group are headed. Then they file a false flight plan to head to the asteroid belt but double back to the estate.

  2. Perhaps he uses the boxes as some sort of diversion. Maybe, Porten and Dam get in the boxes and Mileena (who doesn't have a contract on her life) tries to distract the guards in order for them to leave the ship long enough to let Dam and Porten escape- only to be kidnapped herself!